As an unlimited package member we want you to maximize your time but also to make it fair to others. For booking an unlimited model on the private link page we send we are asking that you only book up to 4 hours a day (July 1, July 2, July 3 etc.) as a courtesy to other members. In example July 1st book up to 2 models at 2 hours each or 4 models at 1 hour each or 2 models for 1 hour and 1 at 2 hours. 

The bookings will go through an approval process after booking and if any bookings do not meet the guidelines they will be rejected and asked to try again. Bookings are on a first come first serve basis starting at noon July 1 and each new day will start at noon to allow fairness to everyone. You may book up to 2 models at one given time also (i.e. Misty and Emma for 2 hours each from 9:00am-11:00am). No more than 2 models per time frame is allowed. You may book additional models but at there event rate. Bookings are up to nude styles only but penthouse style can be paid for here for optional upgrade ($20 paid to model per hour).

(For Example) I can book Misty Lovelace and Emma Young for 2 hours starting July 1st together or separate times, then I have to wait until July 2nd at noon to book 4 other hours with 2 different models or 1 hour with 4 models. 

To Sign up for a group shoot use the promo code “unlimited” and it will zero out the cost. Please be mind full that there are 5 spots per group shoot to help with time and shooting opportunity.