Penthou­se­ Style Photoshoot with Penthouse Photographer "Lee Richardson" 

(Indoor Shooting/Glamour Style Lighting)

Feb. 9, 2018 at 6:00pm (FREE to Attend!)


How to shoot a Penthouse Style Photoshoot with a Penthouse Photographer.  

Do you ever wonder what goes on during a real Penthouse shoot? Now you can.

Lee Richardson has been shooting for Penthouse Magazine for over 2 Years now and has published over 9 models in Penthouse Magazine. He will be taking us through the In's and Out's of how he shoots a Penthouse style Magazine Photo Shoot with one of the most recent models he shot for Penthouse Magazine. Brittney Alice.

During this workshops Lee will talk about his approach to shooting for Penthouse Magazine. He will take us through the Setup, Location, Lighting, Camera Settings, Posing and much much more. 

Brittney Alice will be helping Lee shoot and model through out the workshop. Photographers will also have a chance to shoot Brittney with Lee's lighting setups.