Kaylee Renee

I am an Internationally published alternative model. I'm available for print, promotions, events, and runway. I've been modeling on and off for several years with the past couple being much more serious. I love the creativity of modeling. I'm very proud of my body and love showing it off, in a tasteful and classy way of course! 

A few fun facts

-I'm pretty open minded and totally comfortable nude, however, I'm not a fan of raunchy porno type stuff. 
- my hair color changes often so even though I have recent photos my hair might be different (it's currently dark brunette) 
- My job (training horses) is my priority and true passion. I do really love modeling though
- I'm on time, reliable, and if I cancel it's legit (and happens very rarely) I'm am not, however, a professional.... So I will make inappropriate jokes if you give me an opening :-) 
- I want bigger boobs, I'm saving up to get bigger boobs, no I'm not insecure about my boobs, bigger boobs just look like a whole lot of fun! (I now have bigger boobs but
I think this statement is funny so I'm leaving it in) 
- Oh, and I'm a smartass :-) 

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