Sexy Saturday with Jamie Lee (July 29, 2017) 3:30pm-6:30pm

Location: Shutter Fun Studio, Suitland, MD (Address will be emailed after RSVP)

The Price will be $80. ($60 to RSVP your spot at the event and $20 due at the event)

There will limit it to 4 photographers so don't miss your spot.

Refund Policy: Refunds are only given if workshop/event is canceled. Refund maybe possible if another photographer wishes to purchase that spot. 

Jamie Lee is coming back to town! From the deep west coast where she lives at, she is coming up for a week of shooting and Saturday we will be shooting her and will have some amazing shots! Jamie has been modeling over 2 years and shoots nude and open leg styles. 

There will be a few 30 minute blocks of time available after the shoot to work with Jamie privately at $40 each for Playboy style nude and $60 each for Open Leg/Penthouse style. 

6:40-7:10 (Open)

7:20-7:50 (Open)