Homestead Beauties 2017

June 9, 2017 Noon - June 12, 2017 Noon

Its time once again! This time back in the Beautiful Country Hills of Northern Virginia!

This year we are raising the bar even higher. Top models and new models and we are not holding back this year. Last year we had over 20 Photographers and 14 models shoot for four days and captured some incredible images. Below are just a few of the many models coming to this event this year!

We will also have some great workshops on Professional Lighting,

Photoshop/Lightroom and many more learning seminars. Stay tuned for those. 

Homestead Weekend/Day Tickets
from 40.00

Ticket entry option for weekend or day

"Thursday Nov. 2, 2017 Noon - Nov. 5, 2017 9pm"

"Friday Nov. 2, 2017 9am - Nov. 5, 2017 9pm"

"Saturday Nov. 2, 2017 9am - Nov. 5, 2017 9pm"

"Sunday Nov. 2, 2017 9am - Nov. 5, 2017 4pm"

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Homestead Buddy Package
400.00 600.00

Sometimes a room is really only made for sleeping. With this package you will find your self getting a deal to have another Photographer be your roommate. Book with a Buddy today and save on your stay and entry fee to Homestead Beauties event on Nov. 2, 2017 Noon - Nov. 5, 2017 4pm. This ticket included entrance on and off the property during the event. DOES NOT INCLUDE LUNCH OR DINNER, ONLY BREAKFAST IS INCLUDED.

THIS IS A SHARED ROOM. Rooms have 2 beds in total. 

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Weekend Pass + Lodging
from 400.00

Entry ticket to the Homestead Event for Nov. 2, 2017 Noon - Nov. 5, 2017 4pm. This ticket included entrance on and off the property during the event. DOES NOT INCLUDE LUNCH OR DINNER, ONLY BREAKFAST IS INCLUDEDEnjoy a traditional style motel type of accommodation in one of our serene hilltop units. Each of our rooms feature two queen beds and full bath. These rooms also offer a panoramic view of the blue ridge valley below. All rooms in the come with satellite television and wireless broadband connections. 


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Homestead Golf Cart
from 75.00

Personal Golf Cart for the weekend that will take you out into different areas of the property and help with storing equipment.

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Check-ins will begin at noon on Friday June 9, 2017 and end at Noon on Monday June 12, 2017. After a quick orientation and tour you are free to book and shoot any of the models you have negotiated shoots with or if you wanna just book them on the spot thats ok too. We will have a centralized meeting area by the pool where model's schedules will be listed along with snacks and drinks. We will have Golf Cart rentals before the event along with many other items to make this one of the top nude Photography events on the East Coast.



We have worked out a special rate with local bed and breakfast for those wanting to stay next door to the homestead location. Those choosing the Lodging/Meals Ticket will stay in a Private hotel style room that has a private bathroom and 2 queen beds. Upgraded cabins are available at an additional cost. The Graves Mountain Lodge is located .7 miles away from the main Homestead property. Parking is available on both properties and we will have a golf cart going back and forth to help facilitate easy travel.



Outside food & Drink is ok to bring. The Lodge next door will have meal plans as well for additional cost . We will have catered meals either BBQ buffets style meal and or individual meals all weekend for $25-$35 a meal. Breakfast is at 8-9am and is included if you purchased a Weekend Pass + Lodging Package, and Buddy Package. Lunch will be available from 12pm-1pm and Dinner available each night from 6-8pm. You don't have to eat but it's a good chance to mix and mingle with models attending the event. Plus, they could use a break also. 

Group Shoots

We have all been to the group shoots where there at 12 photographers and countless elbows in your face. These will not be one of those. We will have many group shoots with all the models attending. This will be a max of 5 photographers and be first to RSVP (after signup to the Homestead Beauties Event). The group shoot will consist of half clothed and half nude posing by each model and will be a rotation based shooting style. (Group Shoot Schedules will be announced May 1, 2017)

Workshops and Seminars

Through out the entire weekend we will have top photographer and editing instructors teaching subjects on Studio Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier and much much more. This is one weekend where some of the top Models in the U.S. and some of the Top photographers in the country will be at one location! (We are still creating the Workshop schedules. Please bear with us until it is made)

Booking Models

Models will be available all weekend to shoot per their modeling rates. Some will be discounted if possible. All bookings between the hours of 9am-9pm must be booked on this Event Page through their Model Profile. This is a unique opportunity to be able to shoot some of the top models from around the U.S. at one amazing indoor & outdoor location. We are still adding more models each week so keep checking back or join our mailing list and get updates when a new models is added! (All hourly model booking will begin May 1, 2017)