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Shaun Tia's Lightroom/Photoshop and Shooting techniques.

Shaun Tia will be conducting a Shooting and Editing Class with assistance of one of our Models attending the homestead event. This will be held in the Barn and I highly recommend coming to it. She was just recently add to as a photographer (which is very hard to do) and has been featured as model Her photography is really something to check out also

This will take place in the Indoor Barn area and Shaun Tia will be going over her shooting techniques, Composition, Settings, Lighting, and then taking us through her workflow on a projector screen and will be showing us how she edits and will also showcas her Photoshop/Lightroom techniques that she has been using over the years and be giving us some of the tips the pros use. Some topics like :

-Manipulation of RAW files vs JPG 

-Basic retouching in Lightroom and Photoshop 

-Skin editing 

-How to utilize flow and opacity brushes 

-Color manipulation 

-How to use photoshop brushes 

-Non-destructive editing