We have one of the top events for the west coast in 2016 and it is going to be another incredible event. 

We have 12 Incredible Models from all over the U.S. attending this amazing volcano desert event! 

Desert Beauties 2 Event
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Breakdown: Check-ins will begin at 8am on Sunday, Feb 28, 2016 and end Feb 29, 2016 at 7pm After a quick orientation and tour you are free to shoot any of the models you have pre-booked shoots with or if you wanna just book them on the spot thats ok too. We will have a centralized meeting area by the pool where model's schedules will be listed along with snacks and drinks. We will wrap up around 9pm.

Food: Snacks & drinks will be available and included all day long. Beer and Wine will be available for an option fee. Lunch and dinner is available for purchase below.

Price: The first 5 photographers to sign up will receive Five free 30 minute one on one shoots with any of our models (schedule/model permitting). The following 10 to sign up after will receive 2 free group shoots.  Jan. 1-15 Full Entry 2 day tickets will be $200. Jan. 16-31 Full Entry 2 day tickets will be $250 and Feb. 1-28 Full Entry 2 day tickets will be $300.


Group Shoots: I know I know, We have all been to the group shoots where there at 12 photographers and countless elbows in your face. These will not be one of those. Each model has agreed to 1-2, one hour organized group shoot. This will be a max of 5 photographers and be first to RSVP (after signup to the Desert Beauties Event). The group shoot will consist of half clothed and half nude posing by each model and will be a rotation based shooting style. (We are still creating the group shoot schedules. Please bear with us until it is made)

Booking Models: Booking will be done on this page per each models profile page listed below. Click on their page and choose the availability that best fits your schedule, click the add to cart, proceed to book and schedule and no need to worry about fighting over a models schedule. This is a unique opportunity to be able to shoot over 15 top models from around the U.S at one amazing indoor & outdoor location. 

Images shot from last years event:

Featured Models (Available for Pre-Booking Now):

Additional Models Attending (Booking/Rates made by Model Directly):

Models! Would you like to attend this incredible event? Click here http://www.shutterfun.com/desertmodel/for a chance to be entered into the model line up for this event!