Daisy Mae

I am on Model Mayhem to network with industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. My objective is to create aesthetically appealing images to a variety of viewers while developing my portfolio and ameliorating my skill-set. 

I'm an agriculture student residing in a small town. I enjoy the " art " of modeling. I do this for myself. I'm born and raised in Jonesboro, TN and love traveling!

Looking back, I never would have thought I'd be a model, much less a nude model. I was raised to believe that one should almost be ashamed of their body and it should be hidden. 

I was never feminine growing up,  most of my friends were boys, soI did what boys did and dressed like a boy (more or less) until I began doing pageants and attending modeling classes, even then I never would have dreamed I'd be doing this; that people would actually want to work with me, shoot me.

It's changed my life for better and for worse . I have to live a double life, but I get to meet so many new and interesting people ( along with the bad ones ) . It's given me back the confidence that society had stolen from me.

Social Media

Model Mayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/2620496