Amy Marie

I started as a photographer.  I have a BFA in Art with a concentration in Photography and Computer Digital Imagery.  This gives me an edge as a model because I am completely in tune with composition and lighting.  As a photographer and model, I have made it my mission to inspire others to reach their highest level of self both as an artist and a human being.  Fear is all in your head.  I'm here to help you slay that beast!  I myself went into retirement for years due to an attempt at others to suppress my creative spirit.  It was a blow to my heart, but I have now decided that I will not allow the small mindedness of others affect my personal path to do what I truly LOVE!!  I encourage others to do the same! Do not let the small minded majority hold you back from pursuing your dreams.  If you can relate, please feel free to reach out to me and I will share my story with you  

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