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Our last event was our most incredible event to date! We shot hours and hours each day both at the resort and on private catamaran boats all while enjoying the beauty that is Jamaica. Here are some of the incredible "one of a kind" images we shot on our last Jamaican Beauties event.


Food: Virtually everything you can eat, drink and do is included in one upfront price, from fine dining to unlimited premium brand cocktails, to every land and water sport, you never have to think about money. Not even tips. Just what to do next. And when. And with whom.

So leave your wallet behind (you may not have a pocket to carry it in). But, bring a healthy appetite for great food and uninhibited fun at the most infamous party resort ever created.

  • Sumptuous Cuisine in a variety of dining options

  • Deluxe Accommodations

  • Unlimited Drinks including top shelf brands


Group Shoots: Every Day there we will be shooting One group shoot with all of models. All the models are free to shoot anytime during the group times. There will be a wide range of models attending. From Fashion, Bikini, Sports, Glamour, Nude and more.

Meet, work and shoot with some of the model beautiful models in the world.

Shutter Fun will have Nude models available for sponsoring if you would like to work with one of our models specifically in addition to the dozens of bikini models attending with the regular admission. These models will be able to shoot with you anytime you are wanting to shoot. We will have a pre-booking schedule made out as the event gets closer. The model you sponsor has agreed to do unlimited modeling while at the resort. You may also shoot with any other sponsored models that attend also for free. This is a once in a lifetime unlimited shooting all inclusive event where you wont have to pay for anything there.

Jamaican Beauties (Sponsoring A Shutter Fun Model)
from 2,900.00

Sponsor one of our Models! Shutter Fun will have a list of featured models on the main Jamaican Beauties website for you to choose from. The sponsored model will in turn donate Unlimited hours of "up to nude" shooting time with you through out the week. There will also be over 15 other attending models to shoot with as well. Just setup shooting anytime thru out the week with the model you sponsored. 

Also Includes Unlimited Shooting, Food, Drinks and Fun Every Day.

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Save My Spot for Jamaican Beauties (refundable)
499.00 3,499.00

Want to go but can't do the full amount now? This will save your spot until Dec 1st.  Remaining balance must be paid by DEC. 1, 2019 or you will forfeit your chance to attend. Shutter Fun will have a list of featured models on the main Jamaican Beauties website for you to choose from. The sponsored model will in turn donate 8 hours of "up to nude/open leg" shooting time with you through out the week. There will be over 15 other models attending as well to shoot with that are attending on there own. This will cover her lodging, Food and activities for all 6 days.

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Booking Nude Models: During the event models will be available at all times to shoot wherever and whatever you wish. We will have a tentative sign up schedule for morning and afternoons but anytime around that is your for the choosing. 

Experience this annual event with all-inclusive meals & drinks, water activities, beach access, daily pool parties, nightly live entertainment and witness the world’s top glamour models participate in the Paradise in challenge 2016 and more ALL for one flat rate.

Join us as and over 20 of the hottest models in the world as we celebrate one week of the Shutter Fun Our mission is to be quality commercial and glamour workshop that also provides an epic once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Through our interactive themes and non-stop entertainment, we provide opportunities to bring the best models to shoot with the best photographers in the most exotic locations across the globe.

Whether you are a model, photographer, in Paradise travel packages includes world class resort reservations and stay at the all-inclusive Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica.

Be immersed in an exclusive atmosphere while elite photographers shoot top-tier models on location for your favorite magazines.

Pause and take a moment to picture yourself creating, exploring and relaxing in a far-away paradise.  For up to a week, you will work/play in the midst of gorgeous sunsets, enchanting cities, and exotic wildlife. Enjoy all meals and alcoholic beverages, all resort amenities and water activities, nude beach access, all special events, all daily pool parties, all nightly live entertainment and DJs, hot body contest, photo shoots, fashion shoots and more.

Other Things to Do: 

The fun doesn’t stop on dry land. Hedonism provides plenty of excitement for guests who don’t want to get wet.

  • 6 lighted tennis courts

  • Clinics with pros

  • Volleyball

  • Basketball

  • Shuffleboard

  • Table tennis

  • Secluded hammocks

  • Games room

  • Reading room

  • Outdoor games area

  • Gaming Lounge

  • Aerobics

  • Badminton

  • Air-conditioned squash courts

  • Complete Fitness Center

  • Cool out gazebos

  • & more

If it turns you on, do it. Hedonism boasts one of Jamaica’s most complete aquatic centers, featuring top-of-the-line equipment and professional instruction at no additional charge. With just a few quick lessons, you’ll be able to take to the sea with style.

By now you’ve heard that Hedonism II is located on one of Jamaica’s most spectacular beaches. This water wonderland also features:

  • Jacuzzis (on the Prude side)

  • Jacuzzis (on the Nude side)

  • Three (3) freshwater pools

  • Swim-up pool bar (on the Prude side)

  • Swim-up pool bar (on the Nude side)

  • Cascading plunge pools

  • Beachfront pool

  • & more


Our 500 ft long white sand beach touches the crystal clear water of the Caribbean Sea on the au natural (nude) and the ‘clothing optional’ beach (prude beach).
A central main pier is available for docking cruise boats.

If you are qualified, bring an International “C” card or a certificate from an internationally recognized dive school. If you are not qualified, you will have to take a swimming test. After passing, you will need to have a current Diving Medical Certificate or obtain one from a local physician. We can arrange this for a small charge.



Proof of Citizenship

A valid passport is required for travel to Jamaica.

Safe Deposit Box

Every room at Hedonism is equipped with a safe deposit box. We advise all guests to store their jewelry, cash and other valuables in this secure place. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Scuba Diving

We will happily provide all necessary Scuba gear, but you’re free to bring your own equipment. If you are qualified, bring an international “C” card or a certificate from an internationally recognized dive school. After passing, you will need to have a current Diving Medical Certificate or obtain one from a local physician. We can arrange this for a small charge.

Spa Facilities

Allow your stresses to melt away while our therapists help you rejuvenate, relax and revitalize. Choose from an extensive selection of treatments: massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and couples massage, to name a few. All available for an additional fee.


When you’re ready to cut loose and have some fun, Hedonism is the perfect place to do it. You can sail, windsurf, snorkel and scuba dive. You can play tennis. Or you can just float around the pool until it’s time for your next meal.

Tennis Racquets

Tennis racquets and balls are provided, but if you play best with your own, bring it.


Tipping is simply not permitted at Hedonism. We cannot emphasize this enough. Your courtesy, respect and a sincere ‘thank you’ are all we ask. However, tipping is customary for all airport baggage personnel, cab drivers, etc.


Air transportation and airport transfers are not included. Transfers to and from the Montego Bay airport are available at an additional charge. If purchased, return flights to your home city are confirmed by our Reservations Department.

One of the best parts of an all inclusive vacation is the fact that once you’re here, you won’t need to spend another penny. However, should you decide to visit some of the local attractions or take advantage of some of the outstanding bargains, you will need money. We will be happy to exchange currency on the premises. The Jamaican dollar is the legal tender in Jamaica. Most merchants will accept U.S. dollars as well as major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Average Temperatures

Pack light! The weather in Jamaica is delightful all year long. Daytime Averages: 82°F, 28°C. Nighttime Averages: 72°F, 22°C.

Be careful. Use Protection

Be sure to bring strong protection against the Caribbean sun: • Sunscreen • Suntan lotion • Sunglasses • Hats & visors • Whatever you need can also be purchased at the resort.

Dress Code

Don’t panic! It’s your vacation so dress like it. We recommend light clothing and plenty of shorts, swimsuits and cover-ups. And if you plan to play golf, tennis or workout, make sure you have the appropriate attire. We suggest one large suitcase and a comfortable carry-on bag for essentials.

Electric Current

110 volts, 50 cycles

Gift Shops

If you’re looking to bring back more from your vacation than a lifetime of memories, try our Hedonism gift shop. You’ll find a wide assortment of wonderful gifts for those special people you left behind.


Golf is available at a beautiful course nearby, for an additional charge. You can also rent clubs, if you decide not to bring your own.

Hair Dryers

Hair dryers are provided in every room.

Iron & Ironing Boards

All rooms are equipped with an iron and ironing board.

Medical Care

A Registered Nurse with regular office hours is on the premises. In the event of a medical emergency, a qualified medical doctor is on call 24-hours a day. If a doctor is called, there will be a charge. Guests with any pertinent medical information or specific medication needs are asked to notify us in advance.